By Little Harvard

Spring is the best season for Families! It’s amazing to watch all the changes that come with it: sunlight, flowers, trees, animal life…

Ok. We know spring isn’t the only time of the year we can get outside, but it’s definitely the best for sure!

Why? Here are some reasons why spring is the best season to have fun with your family:

Ideal Temperatures – t’s not too hot, it’s not too cold. The kids can run around without getting all sweaty, overtired and dehydrated.

No Winter Clothing – Haven’t to deal with the combinations of coats, scarves and hats can get a bit too much once Christmas is gone and we are looking forward to the end of the winter. Having the ability to open the door and walk outside without wrapping up heavily, is perfect!

Fun sights and sounds – Happy birds, hares hopping and cute squirrels running around. Kids love spotting animals and sounds everywhere: get outside with them and talk about how much joy spring season brings to all animals!

Outdoors Trips – On any given spring day, there’s really no better place to hang out with a toddler than the playground! They get to let off some steam, play with other kids, and since the weather is nice, you don’t have to worry about the equipment being too hot for them to touch.

Learning Experiences – Now that winter is gone – or at least nearly gone for us here in Ireland :) – you gotta get the garden back in order. Kids love to feel like they’re helping out, so you can turn any outdoor project into an educational experience: they’ll only see it as fun!

More Fresh Air, Better Sleep – Kidds sleep so much better after they’ve had a good dose of fresh air! Even something as simple as a walk around the neighbourhood in the stroller is guaranteed to give your child – and you – that relaxing tiredness at night time!

Happy Spring Everyone!