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Little Harvard

Little Harvard Crèche, Montessori and Pre-School have 11 locations across Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow, offering outstanding childcare in a safe and stimulating learning environment.

Our Team’s genuine love, understanding and interest for children, combined with their high standard qualifications, will give you the peace of mind that your children are being looked after with kindness and expertise. From the management to the childcare professionals, Little Harvard’s Team has all the required qualifications and we continually invest in training courses to keep our carers up to date on the latest childcare developments, policies, procedures and best practices of childcare for preschool and crèche environments.

We’re About The Little People…


Little Harvard offers superior childcare in Ireland. Our Team of carers have a genuine love and interest for the children we care for. Our childcare professionals have the necessary qualifications and we continually invest in training and refreshers courses for all of our team members.


Little Harvard offers a wide range of activities from one facility to another. We have dedicated Teachers in different locations, covering a range of classes from Karate, Speech & Drama, Arts & Crafts and Dancing Classes.

Who We Are

Regina McGovern


Regina McGovern is one of the Directors at Little Harvard. Regina is our ‘hands-on’ Director and works closely with our General Manager, Maeve Weld, running the day to day of all locations. Regina’s sister, Bridie McGovern, has been the manager in our Barton Drive Creche for the past 19 years.

James Hargrave


James Hargrave is one of the Directors at Little Harvard. Jamie is our Financial Director and he works from our Head-Office in Bray. James considers Little Harvard a family run business. His sister Natasha, is our Manager in Taylors Hill and has worked for the company for over 13 years.

Maeve Weld

General Manager

Maeve has worked with Little Harvard for the past 16 years and has recently become a Mum herself. Maeve started working in our Leixlip location, before becoming our general manager.

John McCann

Child Protection and Compliance Officer

We are delighted to have John McCann as our Child Protection and Compliance Officer. Former Detective Superintendent John McCann is with us after 38 years exemplary service with An Garda Síochána. John has been responsible for writing and implementing national strategies for the Garda in respect of child welfare.

Welcome to Little Harvard, where caring comes first.

At Little Harvard, the Children in our care are always our primary concern. We provide positive and meaningful experiences; giving Children the opportunity to excel in all areas in an environment where they feel loved and developed as individuals. We promote the concept of diversity by welcoming all families into our setting and encourage parents to have an active role in their Children’s learning.

Little Harvard are dedicated to providing personalised support for our children and their families. We believe that with continued commitment and professional development we, as a team, provide an exceptional and rewarding service. We have the utmost confidence that in collaboration with our communities, Little Harvard provides valuable opportunities and paves the way to a very bright future for every child.

Partners In Childcare

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