Reading is vital for your child’s development, so let’s have a look at some tips on getting children to read more.

Some children love to read, in fact sometimes it can be hard to tear a book out of their hands. But it can also be difficult to motivate a child who doesn’t love to read. Below are some tips on getting your child to read.

How To Get Your Children To Read More

Make time for Reading: If you and your children have a busy schedule throughout the weekdays, create a time slot during the weekends to read. Allow reading to be a relaxing and enjoyable time.

Set aside a regular read-aloud: Set aside a regular read aloud time with your children. Reading out loud helps your child develop an interest in reading. Choose a variety of books that appeal to your child’s age and interests.

Create a Cosy Reading Corner for your Child: A special reading space may be all the encouragement your child needs to settle down and spend time with a good book. Make sure the reading material isn’t beyond your child’s reading abilities.

Have your child read to their younger siblings: Have your child read to their younger siblings, by reading easy picture books which provides excellent practice for them.

Try Buddy reading with your struggling Reader: Buddy reading can help improve your child’s fluency by making him feel more comfortable with reading on his or her own.

Let humor work its Magic: Select a funny book at your child’s reading level and read the first chapter out loud. Then stop reading, if your child wants to find out what happens next, he or she will have to read it.

Exhibit a Love of Reading: When your children observe that you love reading, they will likely develop a love of reading themselves.

Provide access to Books: Encourage your children to use the public library, by getting them set up with a library card so that they can visit the library and take out different books to read. You could also create a home library for your children which will provide more accessibility for them to read books when they want.