By Little Harvard

Back to School Routine! Before you know it the school bells will be ringing and it will be time for children to head back to school.

Summertime is a time for relaxed schedules, kids can stay up a little later, sleep a little longer, lounge around in their pyjamas all morning. So, what can you do to help your kids adjust from the relaxation of summer to the schedules of school? So here are some tips on How to Happily Get Back to School Routine.

Getting back to a routine is vital for children and parents as it will get them set for the rest of the year ahead.

back to school routine

 Stay in Touch with School Friends

Between camps, holidays and family times, kids may lose touch with their friends over the summer. Schedule some play dates with friends to help your child to stay connected and to start thinking about getting back to school.

Give them a Change to Readjust

Slow reintroduce bedtime routine. If the kids were going late to bed all summer, they won’t be happy if all of a sudden they have to be in bed by 8:00 the next night. In fact, they probably won’t be able to make such a drastic change so quickly and will make everybody miserable. Start 2 weeks before school is back reintroducing their regular bedtime and wake-up schedules, so everyone is used to the change.

Set the Alarm Early

In addition to going to bed earlier, kids need to adjust to getting up earlier. Have them start getting up a little earlier each day until they are getting up at their regular time. Also have them get dressed and eat breakfast when they get up, instead of playing.

Back to Routine

Certain things are part of our routine only when the kids are in school. So if you have let routines – such as meal times together or a bedtime story – slip during the summer, it is important to start them again during your readjustment period. We bet the kids missed them!

Work on a School Menu Together

There is nothing worse for a parent than preparing pack lunches knowing they won’t be eaten. And probably nothing worse for children too. So while you still have time during the holidays, make the time to get the kids together to work on a healthy and enjoyable menu they like. There are many delicious recipes available online. But don’t forget to be realistic and go for what’s tasty and easy to pack.

After School Arrangements

Make sure you have the kids timetable and routine planned ahead for after school activities. Will you be around to collect them or drop them off to classes? If not, it’s time to think of after school services available in your area. Little Harvard offers the latest activity programs for children aged between 5  and 12 years old. After school activities for children are becoming a more important part of everyday life for parents who need to know their children are not only in a safe place but also busy learning new life skills and growing as people.

Last Bits 

Checkups, dental appointment and haircuts. Try to get everything sorted out before school is back. It will be easier for everyone not to have to worry to rush from one appointment to another, between after school classes, etc.  Try to spread the appointments out so you still have time for fun!

Last Days of Fun

Make the last few weeks of summer a fun time as you slowly ease back into your school-year routine. Ask the kids what one thing they wanted to do this summer that they didn’t get to do and then go and do it together!