Tips on helping your kids sleep in warm weather.

Helping Your Kids Sleep in Warm WeatherAs the evenings and late nights are getting warmer, it’s never easy for children to sleep in warm weather.

Between taking naps during the day to getting so uncomfortable with the heat that by the time bedtime arrives it’s impossible for them to settle down for a night’s sleep.

So, what can you do as a parent when it comes to helping your kids sleep in warm weather and help them stay in bed?

Well, here are six tips to keeping your children cool and comfortable enough to sleep right through the night:

  1. Get the bedding right: Try to use cotton sheets as much as possible which will allow your child’s skin to breathe, this will help keep them cool throughout the night.


  1. Strip them down: When it comes to night-time clothing, dress your child in a pair of shorts and a cotton vest. For babies, dress them in a short-sleeved cotton onesie which will help their little bodies stay cool throughout warm nights.


  1. Get a night-time wash: A lukewarm bath will help to refresh your child/baby before bedtime, it will also relieve clamminess.


  1. Use a Flannel: Using a cool flannel or cold compress dabbed gentle on your child/baby’s forehead will help to cool and calm them. Also try using it on their feet as well as this will help to keep the rest of the body cooler.


  1. Get a room Thermometer: By getting a room Thermometer this will help in knowing what temperature you are dealing with. It will also take away the guesswork and give you a peace of mind that you have dressed your child/baby suitably.


  1. Keep some Water refrigerated: Your baby/child may need to drink more than usual. Cold water is great for young babies/Children and it is worth cooling some boiled water and then refrigerate it for night-time use. Breastfed babies will stay hydrated on breast milk.