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10 Playgrounds to Explore in County Dublin this Summer

By Little Harvard There are many great playgrounds throughout Dublin area, north and south. While some are better than others, there has been a vast improvement in recent years with many playgrounds being revamped and modernised. Play is an important part of children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development, as well as creativity and imagination, so here is

Herb Gardens For Children

Spring is finally here (fingers crossed the temperatures will rise!), so there is no better time to get outdoors with the kids and have some proper fun! Little Harvard came across these two ideas for herb gardens for children, and we thought you would enjoy learning a bit more. Here you can find out how

How to Help Children to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter can be a long season in Ireland. The cold temperatures, wet days and shorter days are a difficult combination, and it means spending more time indoors. While people react differently to the winter months, some can suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is a form of depression that follows a predictable course. Symptoms emerge

The Danger of Sepsis in Children

Sepsis in children: Know the signs. Sepsis is the presence of harmful bacteria and their toxins in body tissues. Sepsis is a life-threatening illness caused by your body’s response to an infection, usually caused by a wound, pneumonia, an abdominal infection, a kidney infection or a bloodstream infection. When a child or adult has an

Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

Little Harvard came across this great article on snacks for small children, so we would like to share it with you! Trying to get everyone ready and out the door in the morning can be stressful for the whole family, even more so if you have to pack a selection of snacks for your toddler

Yummy Halloween Pumpkin Carrot Cake

- By Little Harvard via baker by nature This Autumn Halloween recipe is simply delicious: Pumpkin Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting! The ingredient list for this decadent  cake is very simple and you probably  have everything in the cupboard right now to bake it up straight away. The dry ingredients are the usual: flour,

How to support children when getting back to school

School has started and the kids are back to a routine. For many children and parents, getting back to school is a great time of the year, but this transition can be stressful and disruptive for some families for quite a while. Anxious feelings are normal and expected when kids are going back to school.

Supporting Your Child’s Health During The Cold Season

– By Little Harvard Cold and flu season it’s a parent’s worst nightmare, so Little Harvard would like to share with Parents our research about how to support a child’s health during winter. We can help our children stay healthy and strong during the cold season by incorporating proactive and positive immune boosting habits into their

Playground Safety Tips

By Little Harvard Playgrounds and outdoor play equipment offer kids fresh air, friends, and exercise. So let’s have a look at these playground safety tips. It is important for parents to make sure that faulty equipment, improper surfaces, and careless behaviour don’t spoil the fun.

The Importance of Family Time in Your Child’s Life

By Little Harvard Life is busy for everyone. As a result, family time is becoming less likely to happen every day. But family time is very important to children: time together as a family gives children a deeper sense of their own identity, and of where they come from. This has a very positive effect