Spooky Hanging Spider Webs

Here is a fun and easy Halloween Craft for the kids using popsicle sticks and yarn/wool! They are easy to create, and they also make great Halloween decorations for the festive season. Here’s what you will need: Popsicle Sticks Glue Paint (Halloween Colours, Orange/Black/White) Yarn or Wool (Orange/Black/White) Scissors Optional Spider Stickers   Instructions: Glue

How To Make Homemade Playdough

Summer Activity: How to make homemade playdough. When it comes to keeping the kids entertained and busy over the summer months, few things will ever beat ‘Playdough’. Although you can always buy playdough in a toyshop or even a supermarket but making it can be relaxing and you can even get the kids involved with

Fun Activities to do with your Baby

10 Stimulating and Fun Activities to do with your baby. When It comes to the first years of a child’s life it’s a key time for learning. Infant-development experts believe that activities that we engage our babies in can stimulate their learning in many ways possible. Here are 10 fun ways to help your baby

20 Fun Things To Do In Ireland With The Kids This Summer

Did we say fun things to do in Ireland? Summer is here and we are very excited about it, so let's have a look at 20 fun things to do in Ireland with the kids this summer! Enjoy Free Museum Events in Dublin & Mayo Check out the free family events at the National Museum

10 Playgrounds to Explore in County Dublin this Summer

By Little Harvard There are many great playgrounds throughout Dublin area, north and south. While some are better than others, there has been a vast improvement in recent years with many playgrounds being revamped and modernised. Play is an important part of children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development, as well as creativity and imagination, so here is

Herb Gardens For Children

Spring is finally here (fingers crossed the temperatures will rise!), so there is no better time to get outdoors with the kids and have some proper fun! Little Harvard came across these two ideas for herb gardens for children, and we thought you would enjoy learning a bit more. Here you can find out how

Explore The Beauty of Autumn In Ireland With The Family

By Little Harvard Exploring autumn outdoors with the family is the perfect way to welcome the season. All the leaves from the trees and plants change into multi-coloured works of art and fall away. It creates bare and amazing branches revealing the true scenery underneath: It represents a beautiful cycle of life, regeneration and regrowth.

The Importance of Family Time in Your Child’s Life

By Little Harvard Life is busy for everyone. As a result, family time is becoming less likely to happen every day. But family time is very important to children: time together as a family gives children a deeper sense of their own identity, and of where they come from. This has a very positive effect