A Note To My Afterschool  Class

I’m Still Here For You All!

Hi there everyone! 👋

I have been thinking of you all so much these past few weeks. I hope you are all safe  and well and are using this time at home with your family well!

I have been enjoying spending this time playing games with my siblings and my mam,  as well as going on walks in my local park with my little dog (her name is Scruffy 🐶).

I know it can be hard staying in, but I want you to know how proud of you all that you  are! 💕

I’ve decided to put together some activities for you all to try. These will be on the  following pages! If you want to get back to me with your recreations of the Catapult, or a  secret message for me to crack, I would be so happy to see them!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all, I miss you all and I can’t wait to be back in Little  Harvards with you all!

Sending virtual hugs from your lovely Afterschool Teacher,

Niamh 💗

DIY Treat Catapult

Materials Needed:

  • Big Spoon or Medium Sized Stick

  • Masking Tape/ Cellotape (Optional)

  • A Range of Spoons

  • A Treat of Choice (I used Blueberries)


Step 1: Use your big spoon or medium sized stick as a base.

Step 2: Find the right spoon at the Catapult Basket. I found that my  silver spoon was too curved so I could not launch with it. Experiment  with different sizes and shapes of spoons to find the best Catapult  Basket.  You could stop here, but I found when I launched my berries my  wooden spoon would roll.


Step 3: Since my wooden spoon would move after my practice launch,  I decided to change my design and use tape to secure it to the table.

Use 2 pieces of tape to do this if you have the same issue.


Step 4: Load up your Catapult and LAUNCH! 💥  You could try launch your treats into somebody else’s mouth. Or take  this outside of you have a pet and launch animal friendly treats for  your four legged friends!

Word Encryption

Time to get CRACKING on some codes! Use this grid below to decode  my message, and maybe try make your own!

The bottom row is the code and the top row is the answer (example:  the code for “DOG” would be “QVN”). We have done these in class  before, so this may be easy for some of you.


My message to you all: L xlcc ive tyy



I come in many different colors, and  I get bigger when I’m full. I will float  away if you don’t tie me down, and I  will make a loud sound if I break.

What am I?  


What has hands but doesn’t clap?

What am I? 

Answers: 1. A Balloon 2. A Clock

Pun Break

Some of you love my puns, some of you… prefer  when I don’t make them! For those of you who are  missing my puns, here are a few. The answers are at  the bottom of the page.

  1. What clothing does a house wear?

  2. What bird can write?

  3. What do sea monsters eat for lunch?

Answers: 1. AdDRESS 2. A PEN-guin 3. Fish and Ships