10 Back to School Tips

Going back to school can be quite a stressful time for the whole family.

Although the Summer provides a much-needed break for everyone and with the lack of structure it can upset the routine when it comes back to returning to school for a new academic year.

With the change in environment from Summer to School this can also be a challenging transition.

If you’re stressed about the upcoming school year, why not check out these 10 Back to School Tips for parents and for the kids:

  1. A week or two before the new School year begins, kids should start going to bed and waking up as they would during normal school days as it can take a while for their bodies to adjust to the non-summer hours.
  2. Get children on a regular exercise program or into an active hobby to create good habits and burn off some extra energy they may have.
  3. Encourage your kids to read a book in the week or two weeks leading up to new school year. Ease them into quiet time, while giving them a jumpstart on refreshing their reading skills.
  4. Arrange play dates with two or three of your child’s classmates to rebuild social ties that cooled over the summer break.
  5. Obtain a list for supplies and books that are needed for the new school year. Also, encourage them to choose their own backpack and lunchboxes.
  6. Create a family calendar- whether a google calendar or a colourful wall calendar – that highlights family activities, appointments and everyone’s major commitments. This will help make planning a lot easier throughout the year.
  7. Avoid forgetting things during the morning rush by encouraging your kids to pack their backpacks before they go to sleep at night so that they are ready to go in the mornings.
  8. Sign your child up for Afterschool Activities, whether its Football, Basketball, Ballet or Piano lessons, these programmes will keep your kids active with something to do after school.
  9. Talk with your kids about their feelings returning to school. Discuss any fears, concerns or worries openly to reassure your child.
  10. Do something fun or find a way to laugh. Diffuse this stressful time of year for you and for the kids.